Dear Bruce
Well, it’s a “killer”…very handsome, warm, elegant, and a “wow”. Much thanks for a splendid
coat and for all your help and attention.
Kind regards,
New York, NY 3/17/18

I love my, Leanora Shearling Coat, and Thank You for the excellent workmanship you provided to me, excellent job sewing the buttons on my other coat that you so beautifully repaired for me. Whenever I may need alterations or any improvements to my coats, I will definitely bring my coats to you. ..
Thanks again for everything.
Maria P
New York, NY 8/28/17

Dear Bruce,
I would complement both you and your Company, Rafel on its superior service and quality products. I have purchased five coats from you and all have given me years on service without flaw and I have received many compliments from friends and colleges on the jackets. I always let them know of your company.    I woke up very early one Sunday morning and found my shearling jacket that I had placed on a chair in my foyer on the floor and didn’t think much of it until I went to button it up and the buttons didn’t feel the same. I turned on the lights and discovered that  my pug had chewed the buttons as her new play toy.  I brushed her hair from the jacket and headed off to Mass.  I thought what do I do now. After church I called you and you said this is a first, relax and we will get this corrected.  You sent me the replacement buttons immediately and all is back to normal.
My thanks to you, and you entire staff.
James W
Dunmore, PA 3/2/15

I received the package today and want to say thank you for such an easy process. The customer service was great from the our store visit to the phone order. It was quick and easy.
Home run is a surprised face on Christmas!
Happy Holidays
Serene G
New York, NY 12/20/14

Bruce and Lewis – Just writing to let you know that my coat arrived today and to thank you and your wonderful sales staff for all of your assistance. As I said on the phone the other day, everyone could not have been nicer or more helpful in helping me select the coat and ensuring that it fit properly. Though I am not looking forward to the cold winter, I know that it will be a lot easier to face in my new coat (and hood).
Owen R
West Hemstead, NY 12/11/14

To the man who said “I made it” after complimenting me on my beautiful navy blue shearling coat at the Bagel Mavin Cafe, Saturday November 2014-
Inside is the story of my coat-
I purchased the coat at Rafel’s on 12/19/2003 – that date would have been my 33rd wedding anniversary – it has been my go to winter coat since. The sales person was Latrice.
The coat has been worn in the DC area, in NYC, and on a blustery cold winter swept day on the boardwalk in Virginia Beach (I was the only one out, warm & toasty in my coat.) I receive compliments on it every time I wear it, so wasn’t too surprised to be complimented on it at The Bagel Maven – until you said “I made it!”
The coat has also been worn by my NYC daughter & many friends. They all think it is great.
It was a super investment & I look forward to wearing it many more years before I pass it down to my daughter & her daughters.
Thank you for making it.
Jane L
McLean, VA 11/29/2014

Coat received! Looks great! Thanks so much.
Cheryl B
Warwick, RI 11/15/14

Dear Bruce,
I want to thank you and Lewis for your astonishing work. I’ve never been particularly drawn to shearling coats because they always seemed bulky and somewhat shapeless. Then I came to Rafel. The one you made for me looks like a work of art. So elegant, and it feels like a million bucks. Your extremely patient attention to detail (while we discussed my preferences and concerns) is rare. It was completely clear to me that your commitment was to my being over-the-moon pleased with your product. This is a great coat, and you guys are gentlemen. Thank you.
Hugh G
New York City 2/23/2014

Just wanted to say you guys are great!  Fast service!  I have told all my friends about your website.  I hope to visit the store when I am in NYC next time.
Tracey N
Cleveland, OH 1/20/2014

Dear Lewis,
I like my JUSTIN coat, but I absolutely adore the long one. Nancy is happy with hers also.
We will be in New York a few times this year and after your shearling season is over I would like to discuss with you having a black leather trench coat made for me [size 50 extra long].
Stay well. It was a pleasure meeting you.
Jim & Nancy B
Fayetteville AK Jan 2, 2014

I just had to send you an email telling you how wonderful my vest alteration turned out. After my weight loss, I was wondering if I’d ever be able to wear my Victoria vests again.
I followed your “clip method” directions to show you want I needed taken in and the results were spectacular. It fits like a glove and looks amazing. In addition, it took you no time at all to complete. I had it back in just over one week….that’s something during the holiday times.
I will be sending you my other Victoria vest soon to have it altered as well. Thanks for walking me through everything and I so appreciate your quality work.
So thankful for you and your very kind employees.
Susan D
Ferndale, Washington 12/26/13

Dear Rafel Team,
I wanted to send a note to tell you how much I appreciated the service level I received in ordering my exceptional shearling coat. I ordered my coat online Saturday and received it Tuesday via a very well packaged box. Thank you very much for the high quality service and coat. I have a few shearling coats and jackets, this one is going to be a favorite. The craftsmanship is exceptional. Thank you again.
Jennie M
Staten Island, NY 12/18/13

Subject: Coat
It just arrived, it is beautiful and I hope to wear it for a long time and in good health!
By the way, I first found you through the NY December magazine, where it gives you the excellent tip to wrap up in a shearlingcoat….
Best regards,
Margarita B
Hague, Holland 12-13-2013

Dear Lewis,
I hope you had a nice weekend.
Again I want to thank you for the help you gave me. I am sure you helped make my daughter’s Christmas. Two pictures of Kate in her new coats are attached.
Michael M
Miami, FL 11-15-2013

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the wonderful service…the coat looks and feels fantastic. It was a wise decision on my part to go to Rafel for my purchase the quality is exceptional.
Thanks, if there is ever anything I could do for you do not hesitate to call.
Ron R
Queens Village, NY 11-19-2013

I wanted to let you know I received my coat. It is absolutely beautiful and I love it.
I will wear it well. Thank you,
Holly G
Chicago,IL 10-1-13

Dear Lewis,
I am very happy with the recent work you and your staff did on the two shearling coats I brought to you for resizing and restyling.
Each was approximately 10 years old and both were dated in addition to being too large and overly bulky.
I feel as if I have two new fashionable coats which I will now wear regularly throughout the cold season.
I appreciated your personalized service during the fitting and the suggestions and attention to detail by your seamstress.
Thank you,
Karen M
New Jersey 9/18/2013

Great job on the Bruno Magli [leather] jacket [repair].  I really thought it was headed for the trash.  Thanks a million.
Marc P
Norwich, Connecticut 8/1/13

Lewis–I absolutely adore my new coat…it is perfect and surpasses my expectations! Thank you for making it all so effortless. Your customer for life,
Cathy K
Chevy Chase, MD 7/1/13

Hi Bruce and Lewis,
Received the coat today and it’s perfect! We are indeed very pleased with it-looks and feels great. Size, button placement, pockets all seem exactly right. A pleasure doing business with you, and thanks.
Dan T
Buffalo, NY 6/27/13

Hey Lewis,
Just wanted to say thanks for the ridiculously fast turnaround on the Victoria vest. The customer couldn’t
believe it himself. Take it easy.
Wholesale Customer
Manchester Center, VT 2/19/13

Lewis, The coat is beautiful, it arrived in great condtion. Nice doing business with you.
Bob S
Glen Mills, PA 2/11/13

Hi Lewis,
The coats arrived safely and are exactly as I had envisioned and hoped. All are fantastic!
Yes, I am very happy. …Thank again. The workmanship and fit are terrific!
Craig G
Orange, CA 2/11/13

Hi Bruce:
I bought my [RAE style] coat from you last summer and had not worn it until this really cold weather this week. I absolutely love it! Thanks again for such a beautiful quality coat!
Ellen S
Seaford, NY 1/23/13

Lewis, a Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your family. I received my jacket yesterday and I am ecstatic. It has met all my expectations. The workmanship is impeccable, the fit perfect and the measurements precisely as I requested. The skins you selected were exactly as we discussed and I could not be more satisfied.
Thank you for your patience and assistance and I wish you good health and prosperity. Best regards.
Harvey G
Edison, NJ 1/9/13

Hi Bruce,
Thank you to you and your staff for getting my beautiful coat clean and fresh – and delivered safely back to me.
We look forward to having you fit Lew this year on our trip so he can have a classy “Rafel”! You guys are the best.
Happy 2013 to you!
Cherie C
Gilroy, CA 1/3/13

My coat just arrived, and despite wearing my workout clothes (not sweaty yet), I’ve been parading around the house wearing my new coat. It is absolutely gorgeous, elegant and everything I wanted. It is also extra special because the whole selection and fitting experience was so much fun. I’m terrible with names, but the girls in the store are fantastic, particularly the one that worked with me to create the style, your talented seamstress works magic and Lewis, we had so much fun chatting with you about what a small world it is.
Thank you so much.
South Orange, NJ 12/27/12

I received my Victoria Black with Frost on Saturday. It was absolutely perfect.  The color, the toggle, the shearling….EVERYTHING just perfect.  Your workmanship is impeccable!
When the black Shearling scarf is ready to go, just send me an email so I know.  Can’t wait to see that too.
Have a wonderful New Years,
Susan D
Ferndale, WA. 12/25/12

I learned a new word looking at all of  the testimonials on your site; mensh would be that word and you are a real mensh Lewis!  Not the testimonial you expected from a brother from Detroit huh 🙂  ?
I appreciate such exceptional service and I love my new Rafel Shearling & I will be back for the bomber jacket & vest as soon as I can save up a few more nickels.
Aaron B
Detroit, MI 21/19/12

Hi Lewis, thanks for calling and checking in. As I mentioned on the phone, we received the coats [all 4] last night and both Keith and I love them. They are just beautiful and fit very well. Keith’s lodencoat is particularly handsome on him. Thanks for all the personalized service and loving attention to detail. We’ll continue to be regulars, after all, the kids and puppy may need some better winter wear in the future!!
All the best, and happy holidays to you and your family.
Suzan O.B.
Washington, DC 12/7/12

Hello Lewis,
I just had to tell you that you are a real mensch.
You took care of my request with no hassles in a New York minute.
I love my coat and look forward to coming to New York next Autumn for another.
I hope things settle down from the hurricane.
Thanks again,
Donna B
Phila, PA 11-8-12

You are wonderful! I love working with you.
Thank you for helping us out.

Sháena P, 11/7/12
Fairfield Iowa, wholesale account

Dear Lewis,
I cannot thank you enough for making my favorite thing my husband bought for me. It’s so soft. It’s wonderful to know there are a special few who do things out of the goodness of their heart. My beautiful coat is one of a kind and I love it! I’m sending you and your friends my special “Southern Rum Cake”. I hope you like it.

Jane B 3/22/12
Jackson MS

Just to let you know I received my Feb 28th purchases today, and I am delighted. The coat you altered fits perfectly (you knew it would)! All three items are so gorgeous, but since North Carolina is expecting temps in the 70s next week, I may have to wait for another burst of winter to wear any of them. 
All the best,
Nancy C 3/8/12
Winston-Salem, NC

When walking down my driveway, I did not notice the black ice covering the asphalt and 
slipped and fell flat on my osteoporotic back with a loud crash. I was alone, flat on my back in considerable pain, and unable to attract attention. Finally, I turned over and crawled across the snowy lawn to the front door unable to believe that my back was not broken and my head concussed. 

Later, in the emergency room, they explained to me that the thick shearling coat had protected my back as the thick hood did my head.

 Thank you, Rafel brothers, for years of beauty and for saving my life.

Dr. Lucille B 2/17/12
South Orange, NJ

Bruce -
I arrived home this evening to the coat you’ve made for me and I want to say a very special thank you.
I have a life’s collection of the finest clothes and I thought that I’ve seen it all. 
Not true.
This coat is elegant and completely extraordinary.
 With best wishes.
 Thank you very much.
James S 1/11/12
Deep River, CT

Hi Lewis,
What incredible service!
Not only fabulous shearling coats, but the best customer service that I have ever experienced!
I will definitely send any of my friends who are looking for shearling to your store.
Thanks so much.
Cindy E 12/16/11
Concord, MA

Dear Lewis, Thank you so much for helping me with my replacement coat! I really can’t thank you enough for getting me out of a pinch! It’s family run, service oriented businesses like Rafel Shearling that make NYC so special. Sincerely,
Lizzy H 9/12/11

Got my hat–it’s gorgeous and it fits. Now all I need is winter. Thanks.
Lisa R. 8/9/11
Decatur GA,

Hi Lewis, I got the coat and it is beautiful! I can’t wait to wear it. Ok I can, because that will mean that it is really cold but at least I will be warm!! Thanks again for everything!! All the best,
Bari P 8/4/11
Needham MA,

Hi Lewis, My new shearling arrived today and it is gorgeous!! I LOVE it and it fits perfectly. Thank you so much! All my best, Best,
Julianne I. 5/28/11
Virginia Beach, VA

My new coat arrived today. It looks great and fits perfectly. It was great meeting you, and thanks for the kind words about my son’s film. Glad you enjoyed it. Best,
Bob K 5/11/11
Newton Center, MA

Greetings Lewis, I want to personally let you know how delighted I am to receive my mended coat. It is absolutely perfect. Please accept my heart-felt gratitude and thanks for a job very well done. This is exactly why I will continue to shop at your store. Your follow-up and professionalism is fantastic! Thanks again for everything. Truly yours,
Ed B. 3/23/11
Sinking Spring, PA

Dear Lewis, The coat [Justin, size 56] is absolutely beautiful! Our profuse thanks! We will tell everyone who compliments him. My husband is thrilled.
Fondly, AP Atlanta, GA 2/2/11

Hi Lewis, My beautiful coat was delivered. The coat is exactly what I had in mind and it fits like a dream. I am sure to receive many compliments and will send any interested folks right to your door. Many thanks for such professional, timely and kind service.
Susie S. 1/26/11
Chatham, NJ

Lewis, I got my coat, and it fits fine. I actually had a chance to wear it a couple of times before the snow hit again. Thanks for the prompt service.
Barbara E. 1/26/11
Springfield, NJ

Hi Lewis, The coat just arrived…it is gorgeous, thanks very much. And it is cold enough to wear it here today. Thanks very much.
David E. 1/13/11
Boca Raton, FL

Hi Lewis, The coat is an absolute dream. I know I will practically be living in the coat this winter. That “natural” cut down the front is so awesome. It reminds me of the gold “lightening” lines in Sienese medieval icon paintings! Thanks for everything.
Nancy L. 9/13/10
Omaha, NE

Thanks, Lewis! I’ll enjoy the [new, duplicate] coat-and my daughter will be so happy that I won’t be nagging her to give me my [old] coat back!
All the best,
FH 3/13/2010
Jersey City, NJ

Jacket received and all is fantastic, thank you for good work and good service. A pleasure doing business with you.
MAP 2/28/2010
Montreal, Canada

Hi Lewis, Bruce and Justin,
Just to say thanks again for the Shearling. Seems that London loves shearling and have had more than a few approving looks. Some of my female friends just say,”I want that jacket”. Another chum said last week – very nice! Really hope that things are good with you guys.
Business has really improved over here and we are buzzing and busy. With best wishes you guys, fantastic service and as for the jacket well…
Be in touch when I am next over.
Best regards
JJ. 2/27/2010
London, England

Lewis, Coat came-it’s beautiful. Thanks for the excellent service, it was a pleasure doing business with you.
SC 2/16/2010

Lewis, I just received my new shearling and it is very nice – in fact my wife took one look at it and now she wants one. I want to thank you for taking the time to find exactly the right color, style, finish and custom fit – the alterations you made were perfect and workmanship is superb. Thanks again.
Bob 2/7/2010
Irvine, CA

Dear Lewis & Co. Please know my beautiful shearling coat arrived today-it is just what I had hoped for. It fits like a dream, is light weight and will keep me warm for many years. I am sure to reap many compliments and will sing you praises any chance I get. It was a complete pleasure meeting you and doing business with you.
Susie S
Basking Ridge NJ 1/22/11

Lewis, New coats are the greates… elegant and toasty warm. Thanks.
Charlie 1/19/2010

Lewis, I have been wearing my coat every day and have never been warmer. Thank you very much!
Alex 1/19/2010
Chicago, IL

Lewis, Thank you very much for your personal help. Wish all businesses were like yours! I’ll be back in touch.
L.P. 1/17/10
Madison, NJ

Lewis, I received it today and it is lovely. Thanks so much and a Happy New Year to you as well.
Audrey 1/9/2010
Deep River, CT

Hi – I bought a coat there a couple of weeks ago with my friend. It is so lovely – thanks so much – we sure bought it fast but it fit so well. You sure have beautiful coats – the next day we were walking thru Saks and they have shearling coats too but I could tell the difference in the quality – and they didn’t seem to have much customer service which you really want when spending this kind of money – Happy New Year –
Leslie H.
Hartford, CT 12/27/10

Lewis, The coat is fabulous.I just met the Fed X truck and retrieved my coat. I thank you for doing your magic. I am very pleased with it – Just in time for snow. I love it.
THANKS AGAIN and Happy Holidays,
Barb 12/19/09
Stonington, CT

Hi Lewis – thanks for 1) the amazing turnaround… and 2) the update on FedEx. Given CT location, just checked the FedEx site and it is scheduled for delivery tomorrow! Told a few people at work today about your store/location…will keep the information for future reference for sure! Enjoy the holiday season if and when time allows!
Warren 12/8/09
Canton, CT

Lewis, Coat arrived, repair is great and yes Rosa loves her new coat, just waiting for cold weather to wear it. Thanks,
Glenn 11/23/09
Stamford, Ct

Hi Lewis, Received the jacket. People at work are now calling me McCloud! Why is that? Love it – can’t get over how soft and light it is. Thanks so much. Warmest regards,
K.B 11/14/09
New Haven, CT

Hi Lewis, I’ve received my coat and I’m thrilled with it. I’m actually looking forward to a cold New England winter! Thank you for making my purchase such a fun experience. Regards,
L.Q. 11/13/09
Medford, MA

Dear Lewis, Just to let you know that my ‘beautiful’ coat just arrived and it’s gorgeous…fits perfectly. Thank you for everything and may you have a prosperous holiday season. Sincerely,
S.M.B. 10/28/09
Belcamp, MD

Thanks Lewis, I really appreciate it. Buying a coat from you was one of the more pleasurable things I did in my life. Please be assured that I will send you any business I can.
A.T. , 10/12/09
Milford, CT

Dear Justin, thank you so much! I suspect we will be back! Thank you again for your great quick service. It was a pleasure doing business with you!
J.A. , 2/24/09
Cleveland, OH

Hat received safely, thank you. It is perfect and my coat is wonderful, its been a real blessing in the current weather in New York. Thank you.
G.L., 1/14/09
London, England

Wow Lewis!
That was super fast. Thank you. I cannot wait to see it … I’m sure it’s just gorgeous and it was such fun to choose.
Thank you, best
IC 9/11/08
Wash. DC

Got it and it looks beautiful, thanks to your team, very nice experience.
J&M 11/28/08
New Rochelle, NY

Hi Lewis,
We got the coat today and are very pleased. It was so nice to meet you. We look forward to doing more business with you in the near future and will recommend you to all our friends. Thanks again for your very personal service and getting me my coat so quickly. Happy Holidays
J&M 12/18/08
Boston, MA

I have resisted for years my husband’s offer to purchase one of your jackets for me, he so enjoying his sheepskin every winter.. With your help he surprised me with this wonderful jacket for our 30th anniversary. It is designed to perfection, marvelously warm, both elegant and functional. Thank you so much for working with him to my gratitude and benefit.
SM 12/08/08
New York City

I had to drop you a line to tell you how much I LOVE my new coat. It is made and designed so well and it is so beautiful and warm. I receive so many compliments. Thank you so much for such wonderful service and for cutting it especially for me. I’ll be back for another coat one day!
ES 1/22/08
Ontario, Canada

Thank you for helping size and select my new jacket. It has arrived just as the weather has turned toward winter. I will wear it with fond memories of NYC.
Thank you all.
MS 11/21/07
Janesville, WI

I got my new shearling yesterday and it looks great!!
Many thanks,
JP 11/10/07
Chicago, IL

Coat arrived Friday and it is gorgeous — just what I wanted, thanks—
PK 11/19/07
Durango, CO

Lew and Bruce:
It arrived already!!! A week and a half. Very fast and very beautiful. It’s better than I imagined. I’m almost looking forward to snow. Maybe not! Thank you so much for your patience, expert fitting, and a fabulous product. Your sales woman was terrific.
CLB 10/21/2006
Warwick, RI

It is not often that a product exceeds expectations but the poncho is outstanding. Not only does it look exceptional on my wife but it makes me look good in the process. Thank all who had a hand in this. Look forward to visiting your shop next time I’m in the City.
JP 10/29/2004
Oak Park, IL

Dear Bruce:
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with my new full-length shearling coat. It came a few weeks ago and I look for every possible opportunity to wear it!
You took such great care to ensure that it fit my tall frame (changing the pattern considerably I’m sure!) and your attention to detail really paid off. I am so grateful!
This is my second Rafel shearling – and hopefully not my last! Thank you so much for making me feel special while I was at your shop – and for such a beautiful coat.
Sincerely, AJS 12/21/2003

Dear Bruce,
Just a note to thank you again for your generosity and professionalism with regard to your wonderful shearling coats. Exchanging the coat went beyond what I had expected when (I) came to you. You have a customer for life.
Thanks again, SB 12/4/2002

Got the coat and it looks great! You need to make more of a big deal on your ‘bespoke’ services, maybe working with some of the more well known tailors in town. You’ve got a great product!
Merry and happy holidays
RM 12/13/2005

The coat arrived and it’s perfect! Thank you so much!
Thanks, CR 1/11/2006

Dear Bruce,
I know that in the retail business you rarely receive a complimentary letter. I just thought that, in this case, you deserve one. I have just received the shearling coat that I had brought to you last month to be altered. The match of the skin that you inserted under the arm is not all noticeable, and it gives me the room that I never had. I can now wear a suit jacket under the coat, and feel quite comfortable.
Again, I thank you and I would appreciate it if you would pass on this message to those people who did the work on the coat.
Very truly yours, RS 12/27/1999

Dear Lewis,
We just wanted to drop you a line to say that we have enjoyed our coats so much- and to wish you a happy and a healthy new year. Thank you.
RJ 12/15/2000

Dear Lewis,
Have your ears been burning lately? They should have been! My sister and I have been talking about you a lot! You are a rare commodity in this world – a real mensh. One can easily become so cynical. In many shops, you often get the bum’s rush and lots of pressure to buy inferior goods at inflated prices from a sales staff who see you only as a commission. Shopping at Rafel provided the opposite experience, thanks to you. I appreciated your time and attention more than I can say. Dealing with you restores one’s faith – truly! You were so patient and helpful with me – not just once, but twice in the past month as I tried to find the perfect coat. There was none of the pressure, the sighs of exasperation when time is needed to make a decision, etc., that is commonly found elsewhere. My sister and I agree that you were amazing.
She and I were brought up in a family where being honest and ethical were important values. We can see the commonalities between you and us on many levels. That’s why we felt so comfortable with you. The obvious love and pride you feel for your family, the above-board way you do business with the public, the quality of the products you sell that bear the family name, the way in which you conduct yourself, reflect our approach to life as well.
Wearing my new coat will bring me lots of pleasure, not only because it is so beautiful and will be toasty and warm, but especially because of the memories I will have of the delightful time I had buying it.
Thanks a million!
JW 12/9/2005