What is a Shearling?

Q. What is a Rafel shearling?

A. A fine, light weight garment made from the world's best wool-on lamb pelts. The suede outside acts as a wind breaker while the wool inside is one of nature's best insulators.

Q. What makes a Rafel shearling so special?

A. Fit, styling, and quality of materials set our garments apart. We are known as the shearling experts. In the most competitive New York City market the Rafel family business is now into its third generation. The current generation has over 50 years of combined experience; one principal has been trained in marketing and production and the other has a master's degree in leather science from the University of Leeds, England. In the same location for over 30 years, our thousands of repeat customers are a testament of our commitment to quality and service.

Q. Where can I buy a Rafel shearling?

A. Directly from our outlet at 118 West 27th Street. We produce thousands of private label garments for fine shops around the country. Here in our design lab we test new styles in addition to selling from our large stock. Not only will you save 20-40% from uptown prices but we are well known for our made-to-measure garments. Please visit and see our special petite collection.